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Sales / Rentals

Own a piece of the Caribbean !

Transportation; Taxi Motoconcho gua rental

Wally rent a car Cabarete

Several options are available to move around Cabarete:

- On foot, certainly the simplest. However, you will find many motorcycle taxi or guagua to take you around for a very low cost, about 50 pesos for short trips;

- You can rent a small motorcycle during your stay (not recommended since it is dangerous, but if you have the heart of an adventurer ....);

- Take a taxi, prices are very affordable.  ;

and final solution, rent a car.

In all cases, Cabarete is a small town, everything can be done on foot, so do not worry!  You will find the best solution once you are there ...if you want information for the busses is here....

Prices for taxi trips in Cabarete in USD

prix taxi cabarete motoconcho cabarete dr brulure motoconcho cabarete dr

Frequent occurrence for those who would like to ride the bike ..

The burn! caused by the exhaust, so make sure to get off on the side with no muffler ....otherwise

Two things to remember when driving in the Dominican Republic :

There are no rules, and if there are any rules, no one follows them !

The best advice is to drive slowly and expect the unexpected. It is advisable not to drive at night as roads are poorly lit and many animals roam loose. Remember that the worst conductor here are the one that drive all along the day and have to respect a schedule : Caribetours, guaguas, and big trucks are the worst of the worst and respect only their schedule !

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