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Travel guide for Dominican Republic


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General info


In the middle of the Caribbean between Cuba and Puerto Rico, the island of Hispaniola is divided between the Republic of Haiti (one third of the Western part of the island) and the Dominican Republic (two thirds of the Eastern part).

About 500 km long and 300 km wide, the country has 1,500 km of coastline, including 600 km of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The country is divided between the beaches lined with coconut trees, agricultural plains and inland mountains, one of which is the highest point in the Caribbean: Pico Duarte (3,087 m).

Dominican Republic also has the lowest point in the Caribbean: Salt Lake Enriquillo, which is 45 m below sea level. The main rivers on the island are the Yaque del Norte, which flows near Montecristi , and Yuna, which flows to Sanchez in the Bay of Samaná. The roads here are curvy and often chaotic, it may be the time to go and explore.

Feel free to contact us for information ... We will certainly help you!

To find your way: Western part of Punta Goleta Beach, it is now called Kite Beach and is reserved for kite surfing, while the center remains the domain of windsurfers.

Mornings are traditionally reserved for activities that require no wind and the afternoons are for water activities. The beach becomes a ballet of fluorescent multi-colored sails.

Nightlife takes place mainly on the beach, downtown Cabarete! Some restaurants also serve as bars day and night. The music played at the bars is both local and international.

And check the pictures of the last night parties in Cabarete....

Spot and Beach

cabarete kitebeach by cabarete dr cabarete beach by

Aerial view of Cabarete Bay.  The Bay is protected by a reef located 800m and has one side on shore winds ...

All informations about kitesurfing and kite schools in Kite Zone !

For more surfing, check out the Surf Session page

Climate in the Cabarete Region

The country is in the Northern inter-tropical zone;

The temperature here is pretty mild, above 74° all year round...

Cabarete is well protected from the rainy season, which is essential in November.

The alize, which serves as an additional thermal power, blows regularly throughout the year (North East), but is more common in the summer.

Therefore, you can usually sail with winds above 20 knots.

As for the wave season ,the winter is the best time; however, it is not uncommon to have very good sessions during the rest of the year.

So you can visit us whenever you want;)

However, you should still allow yourself two weeks to guarantee good conditions ....

Find all the waves, wind and hurricane forecasts in our weather section

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Location of the island


Nothing unusual to report besides common diseases in the tropics due to mosquitoes, so remember to put bug repellent against these critters at night...


The official currency is the Dominican Peso, but the US Dollar is accepted in almost all the shops. If you come from Europe the best advice is to convert your Euros here locally.  The exchange rate will be cheaper and you will exchange currency according to your needs.

You can also withdraw pesos from ATMs with your credit cards at favorable rates (Check with your bank fixed costs and for bank alliances).

At the same time, you should not pay merchants by credit card due to frequently added taxes... the best way of payment is cash.



Dominican Republic follows American standard of voltage (110 volt).  However, it is not a problem here as you can find an adaptor at most local stores at a ridiculously cheap price.

Real Estate

Check our special page about investment in Dominican Republic


Internet wifi, internet cafe .... you will find connection everywhere as long as there is electricity;)


The economic crisis in a poor country like the Dominican Republic has caused a rise in crime even in areas well surveilled ... so do not walk around with your Ipad in hand at 2 am ... or with a big gold chain ...

Cost of living:

To give you an idea we will compare the price of a liter of gasoline and the price of a haircut at a barber in Cabarete .....

International Comparison of Prices of Premium Fuel (as of 03/20/2011)

Dominican Republic 1 Liter = RDS 52.84

France = RDS 82.54

United States = RDS 32.52

A haircut costs about 300 pesos, equivalent of 6 Euros/ 8 US Dollars

Link to the Dominican Central Bank to inquire about the different exchange rates.

The approximate current exchange rates are 1 Euro to 50 pesos (RDS) and 1 US Dollar to 30 pesos

Cabarete Live with: Cabarete Webcam

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Dominican Republic General

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Kitesurfing Lessons


Cabarete, Dominican Republic, is ranked among top ten spots in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Here, it is a real party atmosphere that is both sporty and international.

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